We enable better travel through domain-driven technology
and digital contact center services

  • Managing highly differentiated customer experience for the Top 3 Airlines
  • Providing domain-driven technology capabilities to 2 of the Top 10 Travel Technology Companies
  • Providing enhanced business process management to 3 of the Top 5 OTAs, TMCs
  • Improving customer service & E-SAT for2 of the Top 5 Cruises
  • Improving technology landscape of 4 of the Top 10 Hotel Chains


The Potential of Disruptive Technologies in Aviation

In 1950′s airline agents could take upto 90 minutes to complete a booking, American airlines developed automated airline booking systems known as Magnetronic Reservisor which was a drum-based system with the ability to store information for up to 1,000 flights for 10 days into the future.

Delivering Innovation & Business Excellence across the entire spectrum of Travel

Personalize, Mobilize, Socialize.

The rise of smart travel and even smarter travelers has made three key drivers – Personalization, Mobilization and Socialization – critical to the future of all travel experiences.

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