Advanced Analytics Services


Advanced Analytics services provides end-to-end implementation of initiatives for use-cases and business opportunities. It requires a team of domain/industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects to bring a comprehensive view of how the use of data assets can be enhanced with the use of big data technologies and advanced analytics.

IGT Offerings

  • Customer Analytics

    Customer Analytics, Profitability Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Campaign Management, Single View-360 View of customer.

  • Operation Analytics

    Supply Chain Management, Operational Analytics, Demand Management

  • Pricing Analytics

    Price Optimization, Pricing Analytics

  • Cluster Analytics

    Cluster Segmentation, Cluster Optimization

  • Marketing Analytics

    Customer Retention & Growth opportunities, Sales Planning & Predicting capabilities, Propensity Models

  • Churn Analytics

    Churn Analytics, Predictive Models for Churn

Business Value

Smart Automation

Pre-built customer life time value framework for faster analytics

Comprehensive Solution

No show prediction model, flights delay prediction model and inventory forecasting model for a complete solution

Proven Capability

10 + successful POCs done