A 6-minute-or-less response time on social media increases revenue potential by almost $20 for Travel Companies

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Domain-driven Customer Centric Social Media Services

Creating and managing personalized customer experience has become a key priority for travel & hospitality companies. An integrated multi-channel service strategy helps travel companies deliver a seamless and personalized experience to their customers.

IGT leverages its deep domain expertise in customer service, technology and operations to provide individualized and traveller-centric social media services.

Our social media experts are trained on GDS, baggage, loyalty and other travel process and technology systems which enables them to expertly resolve customer queries posted on social media and provide personalized experiences.

Social Media Travel Services

  • PNR Booking
  • Baggage Tracing
  • Loyalty Management
  • Check-In & Re-check-in
  • Flight Information
  • Complaints & Customer Care

Specialized services for Social Media Management

IGT social media services includes multi-channel management of the traveler’s social journey. From custom engagement strategies to content management, customer support to analytics, crisis communications to AI-enabled solutions like chatbot, IGT’s integrated IT-BPM based social media services offer a seamless and personalized experience to its customers.

    Our Offerings


    Social Media Strategy
    Design, Videos, Artworks
    Campaign Execution

    Customer Service

    Multi-lingual customer service
    Crisis Communications

    AI & Business Intelligence

    Social Media reporting & analytics

    Leveraging tech to deliver Cognitive, Contextual & Connected Digital Experience

    IGT leverages its understanding of the travel domain and customer engagement experience to offer a tool-agnostic service that integrates, analyzes, and provides 360-degree business insights for advanced customer engagement.

    Powered with AI, Natural language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, IGT Chatbots provide interactive, quick and customer engagement on messaging platforms.

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    Business Value

    social media representatives across Dubai, Manila, Bucharest and Gurgaon
    interactions managed from over 500K cases, with an average SLA of 30 minutes annually
    Social Media and Chat platforms serviced
    increase in social media engagement for a leading airline over 3 years

    Capturing social impact on travel services industry in 2018

    Travelers today, have a lot of options – driven more so by choice, reviews and experience brought on by digitalization. In turn, for Travel companies, social has become one of the key channels for customer service – from personalized online interactions to bookings, recommendations to reviews and content to communications.


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