Sales and Reservations

Airline Ticketing, Sales and Reservation Services

A successful customer acquisition strategy requires the right mix of skilled manpower, processes and technologies.

However, many organizations struggle not only to achieve the optimal mix needed to maximize their sales outputs, but also to cross-sell & up-sell their services. IGT provides intelligent sales and reservations solutions that enable travel companies to acquire new customers in a cost effective manner and maximize their ROI.

IGT Offerings

With a wide exposure across multiple geographies and proven expertise in customer service, the ‘Sales & Reservation Hub’ at IGT has demonstrated success in converting an enquiry into a revenue generating call.

IGT leverages its deep travel domain expertise and intelligent analytics tools to ensure that each sales & reservation call is delivered as a personalized service to the customers.

The ‘Sales and Reservation Hub’ at IGT provides multilingual 24×7 support for inbound calls and new-age media channels like web, social media, emails and others.

The Hub provides the following services:

  • Up-selling/Cross-selling: IGT leverages up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to prospective and pre-existing customers
  • Reservation Request Processing: IGT provides inbound call services to convert incoming requests for information into reservation request processing
  • Analytics: IGT’s revenue intelligence system provides real-time reporting at a transactional level including analytics on sales and agents

Business Value

High Operational Scalability

Handling more than 40 million reservation calls per year

Increased Top-line growth

Increased conversion of sales & reservations by 40% for a leading OTA

Enhanced Ancillary Revenues

Increased inbound sales conversion by around 110% through rigorous selling of ancillary services for a leading Middle East airline

Rich Domain Expertise

20+ years of industry experience with leading Airlines, Hotels and OTAs

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