Rate Helpdesk

Rate Helpdesk Services

Due to the complex nature of the multi-city itineraries, the reservation or ticketing agent would require skilled support to compute such fares.

IGT is uniquely placed to provide rate and fare helpdesk services and support the front office with fare calculations, exchanges and other troubleshooting help needed.

IGT Offerings

IGT Rate Desk can help travel companies optimize their costs by:

  • Finding out lowest fares on GDS
  • Finding best alternative routes
  • Splitting tickets to leverage weak foreign currency
  • Minimizing circle trips fares

IGT has the capability to deliver best-in-class services across all major GDS (Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus and Worldspan)

Business Value

Superior Business Performance

100% accuracy on PNR pricing to establish nil Agent Debit Memos

Cost Savings

Significant cost savings through best fare pricing

Smart Automation

In-house developed automation tool to exploit dynamic fare fluctuations and lock the lowest fare for the bookings

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