Mobility Services for Travel and Hospitality

Mobile has become the preferred channel for research, booking and post travel activities for travelers worldwide. Offering mobile solutions to travelers has, therefore, topped the investment list of travel companies.

The focus has shifted from basic functions like mobile website, flight search, and check-ins to complex functionalities like near-field communications at airport and mobile commerce, thus providing a differentiated and personalized traveler experience. This has led to deeper integration of mobile applications within a travel company’s technology landscape.

By combining extensive knowledge of the travel domain, existing mobility frameworks and tools & technologies, IGT Mobility CoE can help accelerate mobility adoption within the travel and hospitality organizations while minimizing costs.

IGT Offerings

IGT Mobility CoE leverages on its techno-functional expertise coupled with industry best practices and extensive experience to provide state-of-the-art airline mobile applications, hotel mobile applications and airport mobile technology solutions.

IGT’s Mobility COE provides end-to-end solutions in the mobile segment.

Business Value

Demonstrated Capability

Experience of working with leading airlines, GDS and hotels to provide advanced mobility solutions

Process Efficiency

Enable up to 50% increase in mobile reservations with cloud-based mobile app

Faster time-to-market

Reduced time-to-market with a reusable repository of UI, testing and security components

Mobility Lab

State-of-the-art Mobility lab with latest handsets, smart phones, tabs, devices and cloud-based testing support

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