Loyalty Management

Customer Loyalty Management

In an era of instant customer gratification, it is essential for travel businesses to manage frequent flyers and other loyal travelers in a strategic manner in order to achieve higher revenues and customer delight.

Thus, it becomes imperative to graduate from a simple loyalty program to a more holistic approach that not only prevents the churn of loyal customers, but also turns a frequent traveller to a brand advocate.

Loyalty Management Services

IGT provides unique, comprehensive and strategically aligned loyalty management services that help in achieving higher revenues as well as driving customer delight.

As a part of IGT loyalty management services, extensive data analysis is done to provide actionable business insights, leveraging a pre-built repository of dimensions, attributes and metrics. Bonus miles management, upgrades, partner gift vouchers etc. are also handled as part of IGT partner management program.

Business Value

Rich Talent Pool

Highly skilled travel professionals providing multi-channel and multi-lingual support

Proven Expertise

Successfully implemented revenue-based mileage accrual model for a leading US airline

Smart Mobile Solutions

Developed mobile app for a leading European airline to manage its customer loyalty program

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