“By 2020, customers will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human” – Gartner

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Digital Services for the Travel Industry

The world today runs on digital – the connectivity of physical things with digital. As the consumer “always on” connectivity grows exponentially, the demand on travel providers to be digitally transparent, personalize interactions, improve existing services and accelerate value to customers is high.

From look to book, bag to board, cruise to complain, travel services and experience is holistically connected and digital. IGT digital services enhance omni-channel customer service management of the traveler’s entire digital journey with engagement strategies to content management, integrated customer support to analytics, and crisis communications to digitized solutions. Our digital services include:

Reasons for Disruption

  • Weather & Natural Calamity
  • Civil Unrest
  • System Maintenance
  • Aircraft Repair
  • Overbooking

Delivering omni-channel & seamless travel experiences with IGT Digital Services

    Digital Contact Center

    Seamlessly connect and personalize all touch-points across travel, operations and processes

    Social Media Management

    Customer Service in 20+ languages across 10+ platforms


    State-of-the-art airline & hotel mobile apps and customized travel centric mobility solutions


    Extensive knowledge of the travel and hospitality domain with cutting edge technologies

    Robotics & Automation

    Helps travel companies with cost reduction, eliminates human errors, and speeds up processes

    Business Value

    RPA processed transactions with an accuracy of 99.9% annually
    0Mn USD
    cancelled flights rebooked every month
    Interactions managed across social media platforms
    Interactions managed across social media platforms
    FTE savings with workforce Robotics Engine

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