Crew Management Services

Crew Management Services

Due to inter-departmental dependencies and lack of timely communication, airlines, cruises and railways are unable to bring efficiency and flexibility in crew schedules across geographies.

Effective Crew Management helps in enhancing operational efficiencies by streamlining their day-to-day operations. InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) provides well-managed and comprehensive crew management services with expertise in crew scheduling, administration and payroll processing.

IGT Offerings

IGT Crew Management Hub has a dedicated team of professionals with more than 2.7 million man-hours of expertise on crew management and a comprehensive knowledge base on flight attendant agreements, technologies, union contracts and regulations.

The Hub provides 24×7 support to more than 20,000 flight attendants who work across different geographies, time-zones, work schedules and hours.

The services include both front and back office operations across different channels of communications like web, voice, chat, email for crew management. Key services include:

  • Schedule Management: IGT provides support for any changes to crew schedule due to jury duty, leaves etc. to make sure that flights regulations are followed. IGT also maintains a crew calendar to help in training, rescheduling and schedule swapping.
  • Payroll & Auditing: IGT helps in conducting pay slip audits, and works with the crew on re-imbursement filings, irregular operations premium, language premium, vacation premium and more.
  • HR Shared Service: IGT supports the crew with HR services like Visa handling, exit formalities, retirement, certificate of employment
  • Analytics: IGT provides host of analytical tools to monitor all types of back-office queues which help in auditing and reporting functionalities and thus increase the productivity of the process.

Business Value

Better Customer Experience

89% ESAT maintained of flight attendants consistently for the 2 years serviced 

Resource Optimization

90% of flight delays due to operational staff inadequacies were reduced

Cost Savings

94% reduction of scheduling errors providing significant savings

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