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Contract Loading Services

Today’s era of constant evolution brings forth multiple agreements and contracts in the airline and hospitality industry. Thus, there is a need to constantly update data across multiple applications and customer touchpoints.

It has become imperative for the airline and hospitality industry to constantly manage their complex content management needs which includes contract loading, rates/fares filing, amendments, special offers, policies, restrictions, taxes and amenities changes.

IGT offers a one-stop solution to manage the diversified content management and contract loading needs. IGT has in-depth understanding of rules and regulations varying from simple to complex contracts with one or multiple restrictions.

IGT Offerings

IGT has identified critical points of failure and applied appropriate risk mitigation techniques to formulate streamlined contract loading processes and methodologies that ensure quality outputs.

Our content management services include:

  • Rate and Information Loading: This includes rate solicitation and calculations, loading of rates, tariffs and other information like amenities, policies, restrictions, taxes, special offers and more on all GDSs.
  • End-to-End Hotel Description (HOD) Services: This includes creating HOD in GDS from scratch, query clarification on missing information, estimation of level of effort, pre-loading activities such as fare or traffic calculation and market & destination research.
  • Quality Check & Testing: This includes cross-checking the amendments with the original contract, updates and changes in uploaded contracts, rates or transactions, quality check on amendments, validation through testing and submission of contracts.

Business Value

Exceptional Process Quality

Consistently delivering 99.98% quality levels

Domain Expertise

Expertise in interpretation of contracts for accurate contract loading

Real-time Reporting

Business-ready analytics with real-time reporting and role-based dashboards

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