Cruise Line Solutions

Cruise Solutions

Cruises continue to be one of the most popular vacation options preferred by travellers worldwide. However, the space has been facing multiple challenges of not only increasing bottom line profits but also meeting and exceeding expectations for both first-time and repeat guests.

The ever changing guest preferences for on-board services, shore excursions and itineraries creates a challenging environment for the cruise industry. The industry also needs to manage the changing government regulations, environmental policies and rising fuel costs at the same time. These challenges necessitate constant innovation in technology and customer service processes.

IGT’s global presence, cutting edge technologies and operational expertise provide an efficient and cost effective way of facing the various challenges of the cruise industry. IGT works with 2 of the top 5 cruise leaders to enable better travel with operational and technology excellence.

IGT Offerings

IGT is leading provider of integrated IT-BPM solutions to the cruise industry with end-to-end solutions including consulting, technology and outsourcing.

IGT provides both on-board and shore solutions ensuring increased revenues, reduced net costs per Available Lower Berth Day(ALBD), higher efficiencies and enhanced guest satisfaction through its specialized business services.

Business Value

Intelligent Analytics

Analytics to provide 360-degree-view of data related to various departments and processes

Market Leadership

Improving customer service and E-SAT of 2 of the top 5 Cruises


Innovative itinerary building tools that reduce itinerary creation time

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

   Managing DSAT at less than 8% consistently for cruise crew management

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