Car Rentals


Car rental is a fast growing industry, transforming rapidly with the mobile traveller and evolving technology landscape. To be in the front seat in this extremely global and competitive market, companies need to have adaptable technology that drives automation, customized offerings and boosts service via a single integrated solution. Importantly, it needs to address key challenges of no-shows, cost efficiencies, differentiated offerings and sustained loyalty that make a dent on the brand’s global value.

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) offers innovative, end-to-end, integrated IT-BPM solutions that help boost revenue while reducing operational costs. IGT Center of Excellence teams provide domain-focused consultancy across the business process transformation through integrated systems, analytical value additions and personalized assistance enabling better travel.

IGT Offerings

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) offers a full range of services including , back office integration, mobility solutions, ecommerce and integrated outsourcing services, consulting and performance optimization services.

Along with domain experience and skills, IGT provides fully-integrated IT- BPM offerings with multi-lingual global support for the connected traveller.

Business Value

Improved Cost Efficiencies

30% cost savings through integrated cost center solutions and specialized technology services

Enhanced Customer Experience

Integrated contact center services to manage global operations with multi-lingual support in 20+ languages

Mobile Lab

State-of-the-art Mobility lab with latest handsets, smart phones, tabs, devices and cloud-based testing support

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