Smart Airport Consulting Solution

Today, an airport is a hotly contested sector in travel as they evolve from a purely utilitarian infrastructure into digitized & dynamic, information economic hubs for a region. As airports evolve, the number of stakeholders and partners increase, leading to higher capacity demands, greater need for collaboration and integration of data, while managing costs, dissatisfied customers and digitalizing businesses.

The increasing dynamic scope of airports and the interconnection of information stakeholders and infrastructures lead to complex computing environments, while self-service kiosks, iBeacons and free wi-fi simplify new age travel.

As a leading provider of IT and BPM services, IGT recognizes the challenges and potential to enable better travel through technology and process innovation. From self–service kiosks, multilingual social media support to centralized helpdesk, A ‘smart’ airport with optimized airport processes is the runaway to all future journeys.

IGT also help airports establish as economic centers and multi-modal transport hubs, driving the top-line though integrated commerce solutions and shopping platforms thus enabling an integrated experience to the travelers.

IGT Offerings

Airports, globally, are keen to invest and modernize technology and customer service. IGT as a leading provider of integrated IT and BPM solutions to the aviation industry provides new age services across:

Technology integration

Business Value

Intelligent Analytics

Analytics to provide 360-degree-view of passenger, airline, shopping and other airport data

Enhanced Efficiency

Centralized management and governance of airports helpdesk

Increased Top-line growth

Integrated e-commerce solutions and shopping platforms

Enhanced customer experience

Multilingual 24*7 support across 20 languages with integrated Social Media desk

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