Airline Call Center and IT Solutions

Airline passengers have changed radically over the past few years. Gone are the days of long waits and multiple visits to travel agencies. Today’s traveler is digitally connected, socially savvy and has real-time information access at their fingertips, anywhere and everywhere.

Fundamental relationship between a passenger and the airline has changed. Today’s  ever connected passenger likes taking charge of the flying experience.  From self-service check-ins to mobile boarding, from social media bookings to personalized ancillary products, the airline industry needs to continuously innovate and provide engaging customer experience, while at the same time managing cost challenges and optimizing operations.

IGT Offerings

As a trusted technology partner of leading global airlines, InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) has experience across the entire airline services value chain. Through expertise in travel technology, processes and business management, IGT has been enabling better travel by providing differentiated customer experience.

IGT has worked with top airlines and airline alliances to improve efficiencies right from the days of captive customer service units, rules coding and core mainframe (TPF, prolog) based systems. Today IGT has carved a path in new age technologies and passenger experience arena with mobile apps, real-time big data analytics, social media contact centers, e-commerce & mobile commerce solutions and other future-ready core solutions.

As the leading provider of integrated IT and BPM solutions to full service and low cost carriers globally, IGT offers end-to-end services across business consulting, technology and business process management.

Business Value

Rich Domain Expertise

Processing over 10 million PNRs and issuing more than 3 million tickets annually

Enhanced Customer Experience

Successfully providing BPM solutions to top 3 airlines

Sophisticated Mobility Lab

State-of-the-art Mobility lab with latest tabs & devices for cloud-based testing support and innovative solutions

Intelligent Data Analytics

Intelligent analysis of 500+ airline business dimensions

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