IGT ARC (Airline Reservation Chatbot)

Enabling End-to-End Airline Reservation Process
through Chatbots

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The platform enables natural language conversations with the travellers and helps them find the best fit options for their travelling needs. IGT’s expertise in resolving over 12 million reservation calls annually is imbibed by ARC to ensure superior customer experience.

Powering Airline Reservation Process
and Customer Experience

IGT’s Reservation Bot platform is designed to enhance a digital traveller’s experience by providing a range of helpful travel-related services and real-time information.

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Powering Customer Experience with Travel Chatbots

Increased social media and mobile devices consumption, has given travelers unprecedented power to voice their opinions or preferences and demand better customer service across the entire value chain.

Features of ARC

Flight Search

Natural language specification of flight requirements
Intelligent prompt for missing information
Validating user inputs
Rich UI for displaying flight results

Flight Booking

Passenger details entry
Hold booking PNR generation
Payment gateway integration
Entering multiple passenger details

Manage Booking

Retrieving flight booking information
Booking modifications
Update contact and frequent flyer details
Setting up meal preference

Flight Schedule

View flight schedule between cities
Initiate booking from schedule
Compare and choose

Flight Status

View flight status of selected flight
Live flight tracker
Flight status alerts

Baggage FAQs

Baggage allowance
Prepaid excess baggage information
Cabin baggage restrictions
Lost/damaged bag policy

Why IGT?

    • Over 15 years of travel domain experience enabling better customer insights
    • Partnership with Top 3 Global Airlines for enhanced business process management services
    • More than 15 million travel queries handled annually
    • 10 million PNRs and issuing more than 3 million tickets processed annually

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