IGT TPF Services

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Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) is an integral component in commerce for an extensive range of businesses from travel, electronic banking services and financial institutions, handling trillions of transactions and large numbers of concurrent users with very fast response time across geographically dispersed networks. Share this Post

The Social Travel Landscape

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For Travel companies, social has become one of the key channels for customer service – from personalized online interactions to bookings, recommendations to reviews and content to communications. Share this Post

Social Media Customer Experience Management for a leading European Airline

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Social has become a crucial platform to understand traveler/guests’ sentiments and respond to them with relevant & timely information, content and support. IGT social media services includes end-to-end multi-channel management of the traveler’s social journey from custom engagement strategies to content management, customer support to analytics, and crisis communications to AI-enabled solutions like chatbot. Share this Post About the ClientA …

IROPS – Putting Passengers First

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Airlines and ground handlers are constantly looking for ways to improve load planning processes. With increased focus of travel companies on customer experience, it becomes imperative to warrant. Scoping a Passenger-centric solution to Airline disruption management (IROPS), with technology and omni-channel services for passengers, operations and crew. Share this Post

mTAF – Mobile Test Automation Framework

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Mobility has become a crucial game changer impacting global businesses & fault or break in the app services can essentially create disconnect or worse, turn into a negative brand experience. Share this Post IGT mTAF is a robust and extensible framework to support test automation on diverse sets of native/hybrid apps and responsive web applications across different platforms.

Rise of Messaging platforms & ChatBots

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Chat is quickly becoming the defacto means of personal communication. Millennial prefer typing out a quick text than calling someone in their immediate circle. This social change is also affecting the expectation of customers when it comes to interaction with a business. Share this Post

ARC (Airline Reservation Chatbot)

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The growing role of social media and the implementation of artificial intelligence has led to Chatbots becoming an important tool to engage with customers. Share this Post IGT ARC (Airline Reservation Chatbot) is designed to enhance a digital traveller’s experience by providing a range of helpful travel-related services. The platform incorporates natural language processing to enable personalized conversations and real-time …

Unlatch z/TPF data using DFDL

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DFDL stands for Data Format Description Language and is powerful modelling language from Open Grid Forum, which describes the structure of text and binary data format, bit stream formats etc., all in a way that is independent of format itself. Share this Post DFDL is powerful tool for describing the structure of binary and textual data. It provides the ability …

Application Services

Contract Loading Services

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In today’s era of constant evolution in the global travel market, we see multiple agreements and contracts in hospitality industry. Factoring in these changes brings about the need to update data in multiple applications and store-fronts to increase the visibility and reach of the information in the desired market. IGT’s strong expertise in travel domain helps support fulfillment of diverse …

Queues Management Services

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Any airline delay or cancellation involves processing of large number of PNRs within a short span of time. In order to cater to the passenger requests and complaints in a timely manner, it becomes imperative for airlines to manage their queues process efficiently and accurately. Share this Post