Global Delivery


IGT ‘s engagement model operates from 15 delivery centers across the globe to provide 24×7 support to its clients. The model allows clients to choose a global sourcing delivery that is best suited to their business needs.

Headquarted in India, IGT has operational presence across five continents and also provides services to clients from its global delivery centers in Gurgaon, Chennai, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Dalian and Dubai. IGT’s approach comprises of extending its core success DNA across multiple locations to the onsite teams and offshore development units. These locations are backed by IGT’s strong corporate framework where state-of-the-art training along with policies pertaining to HR, quality and governance are implemented.

Business Value

Lowered Risks

Mitigating the risk arising out of any disaster/ emergency situation through multiple delivery and data centers

24x7 Support

Seamless delivery regardless of the time zone through round-the-clock operations

Best-in-Class Services

Integration of best practices, models, differentiators across sites to enable standardization of high quality work

Cost Effectiveness

Lowering the total cost of ownership by leveraging the existing technological infrastructure of offshore and near shore delivery centers