With a 100% focus on Travel domain, IGT provides integrated IT-BPM services to Airlines, Travel Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies, Travel Technology Companies, Hotels, Railways, Airports, and Cruises. IGT has over 15 years experience in delivering value and representing some of the biggest global travel brands. The work includes:

Managing highly differentiated customer experience for the 4 of the Top 5 Airlines

Providing domain driven tech capabilities to 2 of the Top 10 Travel Tech Companies

Enhancing business process management of 3 of the Top 5 OTAs, TMCs

Improving customer service & employee satisfaction of 2 of the Top 5 Cruises

Optimizing technology ecosystem of 4 of Top 10 Hotel Chains

Making Travel a Great Experience With Domain Driven Technology Management

We help our customers make travel a great experience

A brief insight into the volumes of transitions within the travel domain. At IGT we are proud to help some of the leading travel companies serve their passengers better.

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